Creating Multiple Deployment Type for an Application

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Suppose I have to create an Application with multiple configurations.

UAT Configuration - Application will be pointing to UAT Server.

PROD Configuration - Application will be pointing to PROD Server.


Now that I created the Application with two Deployment Types,

Deployment Type 1 - Pointing to UAT configuration.

Deployment Type 2 - Pointing to PROD Configuration.


How do I make the Deployment type understand whether the user/machine needs UAT or PROD configuration.


The PROD and UAT servers are related to the software level and we cannot identify it using the machine settings.

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The Deployment Types are chosen based on the Requirements in the Application Deployments Types.
You'd have to create a global condition to check for something on the machine to know if it is for UAT or Prod.
Example, if you have a registry setting on all UAT machines, you could use that as your condition to run AppDT UAT.


Actually, UAT and PROD and related to the product and not the machine. Let us suppose I want the UAT configuration of the product installed on my machine, there is no setting present to identify if my machine is UAT or PROD.


If there is nothing on the machine to identify a difference between UAT & Prod, then you'd have to have two different applications and make both available and the end user would have to pick which one.

I'd suggest that in your install of the software, that you write a custom registry key that says SoftwareApp = UAT or SoftwareApp = Prod, so at least future updates you could use your custom registry key as a requirement to push out the application and it would know to apply UAT or Prod based on that.
Somehow you need to create something to tell the machines apart that needs Software App UAT and Software App Prod.  once you have that, then you can use AppDTs in the Same Application.