Connected cache with 1910 ConfigMgr

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Hi All


Has anyone configured connected cache with ConfigMgr?


Found some useful articles to help me get started. e.g. Started of by using an existing DP and enabling connected cache, this was fine, I could see the ARR in IIS being setup and registry entries appearing on the server.


However I have had issues getting the client to talk through DO. I have ensured the client is within a boundary group that the Connected cache DO is able to see and aware of the GPO that needs to be configured for delivery optimisation. 


When running the Get-DeliveryOptimizationStatus on the client it returns no results. What am I missing??


One question, my machines are hybrid Azure AD joined and we do some management in Intune, is it sufficient enough to create an MDM Delivery optimisation policy or does a GPO also need to be created?


Many Thanks




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