Can't generate WSIM catalog file for Windows 10 2004 20H2 64bit

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i'm using a windows 64 bit machine where ADK is installed 2004 version

run wsim as admin and select install.wim > failed

install ADK 1903 + fix also same problem


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Can you add the log file to your post ?



it is not recommended to provide bug logs in the Public Forum - it is only Microsoft support that can ask for it.

seems to work only when install adk on a 32bit machine and create the catalog and then copy it back to our MDT server.

i would recommend some one at microsoft try it on a 64bit machine.


If there is an error then the right place is the feedback center - where you can provide diagnostic data and suggestions.
Thank you for your reply

Just want to help, I understand that’s not recommended to provide organisation informations, but for troubleshoot it’s usefull to have some lines before/after error appears, with just « Failed » it’s not possible.
Some people make screenshot or copy/paste with blank out private informations.
Sorry if I was wrong.