Accidentally remove Software Update Point in SCCM

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I accidentally removed SUP from WSUS in SCCM and it caused havoc to the workstations patching status. And the patch report also turned up empty. The downloaded patches are also gone from server drive. Is there any way to rebuilt this information? *panic*


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@yzzzd What do you mean rebuilt it? Have you added the SUP back again? 

@yzzzd If all you did was remove the SUP role, you may not be in too bad shape. A lot of us start off with SCCM and at some point, we did something to cause panic. You're not alone and you will tell the story over and over again.


If the update packages are intact on your DPs, you can reinstall the SUP role, sync the database and your client will have a source to scan against and install updates. If you run into complications, you may want to use the wsusutil to reset the update metadata. 



It depends on what all you removed. If you just removed the role, the information is still available in the WSUS database that the SUP was previously attached to. 


It sounds to me like more than just the SUP role was removed as there is content missing. Step one is to be calm. The information will re-populate as soon as you re-install and the clients check in. Additionally the selected categories from the SUP should be held on to still. 



Just re-install your SUP, and make sure WSUS is running you'll be fine.