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Tutorial: Deploy a web clip on iOS devices that links to the Mobile Web Portal
Published Oct 16 2018 06:09 PM 15.9K Views
First published on CLOUDBLOGS on Jun 04, 2014
Author: Phil Getzen, Program Manager, Enterprise Client and Mobility


Note: a web clip is a custom icon that is displayed on a user’s home screen. Users tap the icon to reach your web content in one easy step.


Due to the Apple App Store submission guidelines, line-of-business apps deployed through Windows Intune cannot be viewed from the Windows Intune Company Portal app for iOS.  When these types of apps are deployed as an optional install, they are only visible from the Mobile Web Portal (MWP) on an iOS device.

Information workers need a way to discover additional apps through the Mobile Web Portal (MWP) easily.


Create and deploy a web clip to end users that links to the Mobile Web Portal which contains any optional line-of-business apps available for the user.


  1. You decide to start supporting in-house apps for iOS.

  2. You want to provide a shortcut into the Mobile Web Portal for use on an iOS device.

  3. Download a file containing the web clip properties.

  4. Download and import an “App Package” that contains all of the localized strings for the web clip.


Use these instructions to create and deploy a web clip for iOS devices that opens the MWP.

System Center Configuration Manager Deployment

  1. Open the Configuration Manager Console

  2. In the Software Library workspace, click Applications , then click Create Application

  3. In the Type drop-down list, select Web Application

  4. For location, enter . Click Next >

  5. After reviewing the imported information on the next screen, click Next > again

  6. In the Name: box, enter a name, such as Get Apps . Fill out the remaining fields accordingly

  7. Click Next, review the results And then click Next again

  8. Click Close to exit the wizard

  9. Select the application and then click Deploy (right-click or in ribbon)

Windows Intune Deployment

  1. Open the Windows Intune administrator console

  2. Publish a web app with the URL, , through the Windows Intune Software Publishing Application

Providing users with easy access to the MWP ensures that everyone has access to the apps they need. Creating and deploying a web clip for iOS devices is a simple and effective way to accomplish this goal.

--Phil Getzen

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