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It would be a good idea in future releases of Classnotebook to have the Teacher Only space as one of the default section groups without having to activate it. I am training staff to use class notebooks at the heart of their 'E' operation in their classes, and it is very challenging for most- activiating the teacher only space through Manage Notebooks seems to me an unnecessary complication.

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I've resorted to, for now at least, a Teacher Only Team in conjunction with a Class Team. This gives more functionality than just the OneNote Teacher' section. I can also share that Team with other teachers, but it becomes mainly a private space - an oxymoron, I know, in collaboration software. Just trying it out. I'm not sure what my preference would be if a OneNote Class Notebook Teacher Only section would be available.

I too viewed the option to manage the class notebook through view teams > Settings. This does not look like it has been added in to the Class team. 

It looks like instead, all class notebooks, whether in onedrive, classroom or teams, are managed through the Office365 Waffle > Class notebooks. OR

I can see some sense in this in that if you have mutliple classes, or external links for parents are created, these are all done from the same location. rather than from each class team



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Some good news! The ability to enable the Teacher-Only section group and to lock the Collaboration space for notebooks created with Teams is now available from the Office 365 tiles> ClassNotebook> ManageNotebooks

Previously, notebooks created with Teams did not appear in the list. Now they do, with the message "This notebook was created in Microsoft Teams..." .  I've tested it and it works. See below:ManageOneNote.png

Great spot, I'll be checking this out! Unfortunately too late for my old job.

I still seem to be having trouble seeing my Teams-created notebooks under ClassNotebook>ManageNotebooks. Any insight into why this might be or how I could remedy this?

I can see mine.

It has a message "This notebook was created in Microsoft Teams and does not currently support all editing features."

@Luke Strawser wrote:

I still seem to be having trouble seeing my Teams-created notebooks under ClassNotebook>ManageNotebooks. Any insight into why this might be or how I could remedy this?


I see what you mean. Hmm... strange. ClassNotebook>ManageNotebooks now doesn't show me the Teams created notebooks whereas previously it did. However, there is another page which does show the Teams created notebooks, but it does not allow you to add the Teacher's Only Section or lock the collaboration space.


My guess is that the OneNote developers are currently making some changes - that is why things are in flux. Mike Tholfsen (Product Manager on the #MicrosoftEDUteam, building #OneNote, Class Notebooks, Learning Tools & #MicrosoftTeams) said that the OneNote Class Notebook settings for Teams are coming out next week - so I suppose we just have to be patient!

Managing OneNote Class Notebook in Teams - coming soon!

From on Twitter:OneNoteClassNotebookSettings.jpg





Hi Luke
Like Philemon, I can see my test teams with the same message. Looking forward to seeing this finished.

Am I the first one seeing this? I thought everyone would be jumping up and down with jubilation! The long awaited feature of mananging Class Notebooks in Teams has arrived!

New FeatureNew Feature

You can also now see all of the class notebook in Teams too i.e. Section Groups and Sections
Now we're talking!


That's good. 

Updates look good, looking forward to testing them out!
Was missing Teacher Only folders in teams which I had probably set up incorrectly, tried various ways of getting to the page you linked, every other avenue I tried took me directly to my notebook (in browser and app) where i wasn't able to manage this aspect. Your link was the problem solver for me. Many thanks!