Google Import API global release
Published Mar 31 2021 06:08 AM 4,625 Views

Google Import is a convenient tool for creating and managing your campaigns, ad budgets, bids and much more. By importing campaigns from Google Ads you don’t have to start from scratch to quickly expand your advertising reach. Bring over the specific features that you want, and make updates to entities such as bids, budgets, campaign names, and tracking templates - providing flexibility and control. Our customers have been able to enjoy these benefits via Microsoft Advertising online and the Microsoft Advertising Editor.


Today we are excited to announce the global release of Google Import API. Releasing the infrastructure as a service opens a world of automation and customization solutions. Develop an in-house app, or a custom import management set-up. Google Import API can also help lighten your workload as you don’t immediately have to be up to date on providing API support for all the new features. For example, you can import responsive search ads (RSA) from Google Ads even if your application hasn't otherwise been updated to support RSA independently.


Google Import API allows you to create and delete import jobs, and get the current scheduling settings and previous import results. You can also retrieve details about the mapping between Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns to know how the import will function ahead of time for you to make an informed decision. For a more detailed picture on how to use the API, check out our API documentation and help pages to understand what gets imported.


As always please feel free to contact support or post a question in the Bing Ads API developer forum


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