Advertisers to use Ad Insights API for all Auto-apply recommendations controls and settings.
Published Nov 16 2022 01:06 PM 5,484 Views

In February 2022, Microsoft Advertising launched Auto-apply recommendations (AAR) to help our customers efficiently and automatically optimize their campaigns. Once opted in, we'll showcase and automatically apply high-quality recommendations such as:


  • Adding responsive search ads
  • Adding multimedia ads
  • Removing conflicting negative keywords
  • Creating conversion goals
  • Fixing many issues with conversion goals

We automatically apply each specific recommendation seven days after you opt in.


Given the positive usage rates we saw with this feature, we created a new Ad Insight API in May 2022 to expand on the controls and settings for AAR. Ad Insight API API Auto-apply management - Microsoft Advertising API | Microsoft Learn


Around the time we launched the new Ad Insights API last spring, we shared that we’d be deprecating the AutoApplyRecommendation module from the Campaign Management API and Bulk API later this calendar year. As most developers have now switched over and are using the Ad Insights API, we’ll be deprecating the AAR modules within the Campaign Management API and Bulk API on November 30, 2022.


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