WVD without a DC

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Is building a domain controller required for a WVD deployment?  I was hoping to use just Azure AD and Azure ADDS.  

I was using Robert Travis' Udemy course to learn WVD deployment, but it specifies building a DC.

Thanks very much!

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Hello, Thanks for taking the course! Active Directory Domain Services is a requirement for WVD, either Windows AD or Azure AD DS. You can use Azure AD DS instead of deploying a DC. I used a single DC in the course primarily as a cost saving measure for the lab. The DC can be shut down when not in use, Azure AD DS is charged as long as it's provisioned.
If you go with Azure AD DS, there is a different set of instructions for configuring the SMB File shares. You can find more details here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/files/storage-files-identity-auth-active-directory-do...

Hi Travis,
I’ve been an IT Consultant since the early 90s – starting with DOS 6 and Novell networking. I have a Microsoft/Cisco background so I have a solid understanding of routing and addressing, learning new operating systems and building small networks. (although my first job in IT was at American Express headquarters! We had CCMAIL and servers without antivirus. Don’t ask.)
But learning Azure has been a (frustrating) challenge. So far, your course is the best path I’ve found and I want to thank you for putting it out there. I was following it step-by-step and did get stuck with a domain join error when creating the host pool. I opened a case with Microsoft so it’s resolved now. But I wanted to suggest that you include the creation of a Global Admin, without 2FA, on the DC before the AD Connect sync.
My 2 cents….
Back to Section 5/part 22!

Thanks again!
Thanks for taking the course and passing along the information. Was the domain join issue related to MFA or were those separate issues?

I don't know.  The Microsoft tech mentioned the MFA issue as a known issue.

We created a new user on the DC with appropriate rights & no MFA and it worked.


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