Windows File Server migration

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Hi All,


We are migrating windows file shares to azure file. and we have requirement : for user it will smooth transition e.g they will acccess same folder path even after migration to azure files


Factor consider for contribution

stg ad domain

Files Sync



Please help if any one already worked


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Hi, Santosh, involves careful planning and execution!
I think some key factors and steps to consider ensuring a seamless migration experience:
1. Preparation and Assessment
Evaluate Current Environment: Assess the size, permissions, and types of data on your current file shares. Tools like the Storage Migration Service can help in assessing the environment.
Plan for Azure File Shares: Decide on the performance tier based on your needs (Premium, Standard, etc.). Also, estimate the cost based on the size and access patterns.
2. Integration with Active Directory (AD) Domain Services
Care of the Azure AD DS Authentication and DNS Configuration etc.
4. Implement File Sync and DFS
Set up Azure File Sync to sync your on-premises file server with Azure File share. This will replicate data and can also be used to tier cold data to Azure while keeping frequently accessed data on-premises.
Use Distributed File System (DFS) Namespaces to maintain the same folder paths for users. DFS can abstract the file share's physical location, allowing you to change the backend without affecting user access paths.
Agreed, Azure file with Azure file sync is a good method to consider including synchronization of the permission of the shared folders