Where Has The Support Gone?

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I am at wits end. I am desperately trying to find someone who actually works with Microsoft's Azure team  (preferably a manager or support lead) to help me with a serious challenge we are dealing with. 


I have a serious issue created by someone that claimed to be a Microsoft employee but it turns out was a reseller. They have orphaned my existing services with invoices coming due and I can not access them to pay them. They attempted to transfer the billing to the new accounts they set up after insisting we sign an MCA. Now they have kicked the can down the road to support (who is also partners not real employees) and this nightmare keeps getting worse.


I really just need to get the subscription (and billing) transferred back to our prior instance and start over with someone that knows what they are doing. Can anyone help! I'm desperate!


I can provide more details if anyone thinks they can help me. My email is steve@owner-insite.com and my direct dial is 512-637-6368.



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Did you ever figure out how to talk to a real person in Billing? It appears you can only talk to bots who can only offer solutions for pretty common stuff and not my issue (or yours presumably).