Verification Code Email Issue

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Hello, how are you doing? when I try to log in my azure account I am asked to enter a verification code that is supposed to be previously emailed to my alternate email account. The issue is that this verification code was emailed once but when I entered it, the system refused it and I couldn't log in. Since then, the system keeps asking me for a verification code over and over but no email is sent to my alternate email account anymore, therefore I am not able to log in. As far as I know, the alternate email account is correct. Please, could you help me solve this issue?

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Hi Daniel,

Have you tried to login using an InPrivate window (Ctrl+Shift+N)? Hope you will be able to sign in again. If not you could raise a support ticket at Microsoft Azure support.

Yes, I have tried and the issue remains. When I try to raise a ticket I am asked to log in again so it's a loop.

I have same issue with phone verification code.


Trying to log in to Azure portal with my personal email (had previously logged in with the learn sandbox but tried to switch directories). It said it was sending a verification code to my phone but I never get one. I can't switch to any other verification method and all other links to support ask for verification again!


Now stuck completely.


Suspect this may be to do with the fact that when I registered with Azure to use the sandbox, it wouldn't accept my phone number in the normal format due to a (looooong unfixed) Microsoft bug :(





Did you enable another way but NOT Email? Are you the tenant admin? If not, try contact tenant admin to reset