Verification Code Email Issue

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Hello, how are you doing? when I try to log in my azure account I am asked to enter a verification code that is supposed to be previously emailed to my alternate email account. The issue is that this verification code was emailed once but when I entered it, the system refused it and I couldn't log in. Since then, the system keeps asking me for a verification code over and over but no email is sent to my alternate email account anymore, therefore I am not able to log in. As far as I know, the alternate email account is correct. Please, could you help me solve this issue?

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Hi Daniel,

Have you tried to login using an InPrivate window (Ctrl+Shift+N)? Hope you will be able to sign in again. If not you could raise a support ticket at Microsoft Azure support.

Yes, I have tried and the issue remains. When I try to raise a ticket I am asked to log in again so it's a loop.