Velocity Reports Across Projects

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I'm trying to get velocity information across multiple projects within my organization.  I wasn't able to find a way to get velocity data without being on the project itself.

Seems that the only option I have is to use Power BI...anyone have any suggestions?

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@fred1n19 Even Power BI won't help you there as it uses your credentials to obtain the ADO data so if you don't have access to the relevant project your PBI query will fail.  You would need a system account with the necessary permissions.

I know of a way, but I'm curious what you intend to do with it?
As a {who}
I want {velocity information across multiple projects within my organization}
So that {please advise..}


I'd add: one you get the info across teams, you might be in for some surprises.  Although ADO provides ways to calculate Velocity, quite often teams might not be using ADO the required way for it to calculate accurately. For example I have Teams that have had to forego the cool Velocity features in ADO because we need to use the Closed state to track to Released (rather than Done).   {I believe there are separate feature request tickets elsewhere to address that}. 

@fred1n19 I just came across this post this afternoon - if this is still something you are trying to solve for we can help with minware.

I'm not able to include screenshots but we calculate velocity down to the task level and then use your historical velocity ratios to try and predict when work will be completed.

If this is still something you are trying to solve for we would love to help!