Trouble in Logging in Azure VM

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We are facing problem in logging remote desktop of Windows 2012 R2 Virtual Machine( containing Azure Static IP)  from Local PC-1.  When the same Azure static IP is been tried in another PC-2 of same network, it is getting logged in successfully.

The amazing fact is that in same PC-1 when we try with alternative Azure static IP of another VM, the RDP is getting logged in successfully.

We had disabled Windows Firewall, Antivirus, connected PC to other service provider (internet Dongle) and other USB LAN. The problem is existing. Kindly help us......

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Are there any NSGs associated with the NIC or subnet this problem VM is on? NSGs are ACLs that can be assigned to a NIC or subnet and basically allow or deny specified traffic, based on port and source \ destination IP address. 

Can you try to ping the specific pulblic address and confirm ? 


And try to check weather the RDP port are go through from the PC-1.


#telnet public_address 3389


if above get resoved , it might be the machine specific issue.