Today on Azure Friday: Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) Improvements


We have two episodes today covering Azure CDN topics. The first video covers a new feature to help you optimize Azure CDN for different content types. The second video covers work that was done to incorporate Azure CDN into areas of the Azure portal to make it easier to add CDN functionality.


Optimize Your Content Delivery with Azure CDN

Manling Zhang joins Scott Hanselman to talk about how to optimize content delivery with Azure CDN for various customer scenarios, such as general web delivery, large file download, and media streaming. With one little hint from customer about the scenario, Azure CDN will apply the a set of default optimizations in the backend which provides optimal performance of content delivery.



Integrating Azure CDN into Your Azure Workflows

Manling Zhang joins Scott Hanselman to demo the recent integration of CDN into Azure Web App, Storage and Media Services portal experience. Enabling and managing a CDN for these services is extremely simple with a few clicks and without leaving the portal.



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