The only thing standing between IoT Hub and Functions are Consumers groups


Traditionally, when telemetry arrived at an Azure IoT Hub, it was a rule of thumb to pass it to a Stream Analytics job. But when routing was introduced in the IoT Hub, it became possible to push the telemetry directly into an EventHub or a Service Bus too.


I still favor the many possibilities of the Stream Analytics job, working with temporal and geospatial data eg. is so much easier that way.


But I can configure a lot of other, new Azure resources after the Event Hub or the Service Bus.



For example, IoT Hub routing to an Event Hub makes it possible to pass telemetry to Azure Functions (using the EventHubTrigger). This opens a whole new world of Azure opportunities using only an EventHub in this case! But it can be done even simpler…


Azure Functions

Azure Functions are truly one of the best additions to the Azure Cloud in the recent past. Although this Azure resource is still growing in functionality and usability, it had already proven to be the ‘glue’ the cloud needs, by executing “server-less” code.


And it’s refreshing to see that these functions can be written in the Azure portal, all you need is a browser and a subscription.


But as pointed out already in a previous blog, the Azure Portal integration is slowly progressing. In that blog, you had to copy/paste the Shared Access Policy key, when you wanted to refer to an EventHub input source connection. This was very uncomfortable.


But there is a new Azure Portal dialog in town!


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