The new Azure Load Balancer – 10x scale increase

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Azure Load Balancer is a network load balancer offering high scalability, throughput and low latency across TCP and UDP load balancing.


Today, we are excited to announce the new Standard SKU of the Azure Load Balancer. The Standard SKU adds 10x scale, more features along with deeper diagnostic capabilities than the existing Basic SKU. The new offer is designed to handle millions of flows per second and built to scale and support even higher loads. Standard and the Basic Load Balancer options share APIs and will offer our customers several options to pick and choose what best match their needs.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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Definitely stoked about the added performance, but is it bad that I am more excited about the "HA Ports" functionality?  This allows us to design an HA firewall workload in a hub and spoke topology where we could not before due, to the NVAs not having Azure API integration or native HA functionality .




More info: Doc