Sync attributes on prem to Azure AD for SSPR

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Hi Team.

I have the following scenario:

  • Active Directory domain on prem.
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD Connect server for synch.


I need configure authentication methods for Self Service Password Reset.


In Active Directory attribute mobile phone already use for Teams extension and authentication methods in users properties not show information and Teams extension in Azure AD I doesn´t work for me.


I need fill the information of authentication methods in the properties of each user, by Power Shell, because it is for more than 2,000 users.



1. having information in the mobile phone field in active directory, what other field can I use and then synchronize it with the fields of the user authentication methods in Azure AD; or

2. How can I fill the authentication method fields in bulk, directly in Azure AD.



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@CarlosMorales  Refer this document, you can find basic commands for setting authentication methods from user properties. you can write PowerShell script with loop all users.