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One of the problems I constantly have is having to create an account periodically so I can study the Azure cloud. I can't use the corporate account at home and my credit card is not infinite :D
It would be interesting to have some access for people, who prove their intentions, to access an account with no expiration period or charge giving access to a sadbox, even though it is something tiny. An environment for us to test API, PowerShell, devops, servless functionalities would help a lot to better understand Azure and make it possible to study the Azure Cloud more productively.

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I suspect you won't find anybody who is willing to grant a stranger access to an Azure subscription. It's like giving access to your credit card to someone you don't know.

I do understand your intentions to be able to work with Azure in your own time and gain more experience. My advice: try to convince your employer to create a sandbox Azure subscription and grant you access. Your employer benefits from you getting more experience with Azure. You are investing your own personal time, so it wouldn't be much to ask that they provide the means for you to study. In this case an Azure subscription to deploy resources.

You could propose that they implement a spending limit, so that costs can not exceed a certain amount. This can also be combined with Azure Policy, which would prevent the deployment of certain expensive resources, or only allow specific type of resources. You could even suggest to help set this up and show off your skills, which might lead to greater things for your current role in the company.
You can use this Microsoft Azure for Students Subscription :
Hope you can do your work with the free features.