SLA tracking in DevOps

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We are using DevOps in a support engagement where we need to track 'Response' and 'Resolution' SLAs (Service level agreements) for every request (work item type issue/bug) logged. SLAs are defined based on 'Severity' (Critical / High / Medium / Low). For e.g. requests with 'Critical' severity need to be responded to within 2 hrs and resolved within 8 hours, requests with 'High' severity need to be responded to in 4 hours and resolved in 16 hours and so on. We are looking for a way to track the SLAs automatically by creating a Dashboard. Any thoughts on how this can be achieved?

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Hi @yatinydalvi,
Any traction on this? I'm looking for the same thing.

For the operational day-to-day/hour-by-hour activities I presume you're already using Board with columns representing your key workflow steps, and making liberal use of the Card Rules feature (available in settings) to make cards the criteria you mentioned standout. E.g. "Severity" (custom field) = Critical show as, say, Red; and so on. Consider having an "ambulance" Swimlane for special cases ;)

For the SLA reporting end, the Cumulative Flow diagram (available in the Board Analytics) could provide a quickest overview. (I typically take screenshot, paste into PPT and add synopsis comments on trends/anomalies/exceptions).
Regarding Dashboards, the Charts Widgets are particularly useful/powerful.  But for the kind of analysis/insights you mention I'd think I'd also be exporting the results set to Excel so that SLA meta-data can be used to color-code or report on met/not-met etc.   If/once that becomes a stable regular thing then I'd consider doing it using PowerBI.