Require latest target branch to be merged as PR check

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we are using feature branches actively. Each branch is merged via a PR.

For a to PR to be merged we run extensive build validations (e.g. build the solution, deploy it, execute it, destroy it).

However, some branches take a bit of time to complete. In this case the have branched of the master several days/weeks ago. This means that in the meanwhile lots of other PRs have overtaken and the master has progressed.

I want every branch to be updated with its target branch and otherwise a build validation to fail.

It seems this has been requested at:

Missing policy to enforce branch up to date before merging · Issue #8083 · MicrosoftDocs/azure-devop...

git - VSTS: how to require a branch to be up to date before merging (doing pull request) from that b...


However, I am wondering why there is no documented solution today? Do I miss something? Is it overrated because in Azure DevOps PR triggered runs are actually not validating my branch but the result of a merge of my branch with the target branch?


Thanks for your support


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