Require Azure AD Login on Linux VM

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I wasnt sure what board to put this in, but here goes:

I followed setup guide from MS document:

Everything works except one thing, if I do ssh from different client (they require CLI for AAD login) I can still log in to the Linux servers with a local account.  The document above says:  "Use Azure deploy and audit policies to require Azure AD login for Linux VMs and flag non-approved local accounts" but I am totally getting the runaround about how to REQUIRE logins be only through AAD credentials.  I've had a support ticket open for 6 weeks and have gone through 4 different support groups with no success. 


I need this for SOC2 compliance and given that Azure show documents that their Azure services are SOC2 compliant, I cant imagine this is not achievable.  Does anyone know how to force Linux servers to only permit ADD credentials for login?

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