Redirect uri in Azure B2C with query string. Error detail: URL may not contain a query string

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I'm trying to use Azure B2C OAuth for Alexa account linking with implicit flow.Below is the redirect url from Alexa

But adding this gives below error in Azure B2C app.

Failed to update xxx-xxxxxxapp application. Error detail: URL may not contain a query string

I tried below link for solving this but its not working

I also tried auth code grant flow with SPA in B2C. That is also not working with Alexa as it has PKCE - I have to use Azure AD B2C. Any idea how to set up PKCE in Alexa account linking

Anyone succeeded in creating this?

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We have run into the exact issue. Trying to setup azure b2c in SAP Gigya as an IDP and it does not like the callback/redirect URL because of the ? at the end.


Trying to work with Microsoft to see if they could allow it. It is a security risk to pass values in query string. however, we are not passing anything. just the ? which is required by SAP...


So far no luck, but i will reply here if we find a resolution.