Receiving Error: Issuer should match tenants domainName for non federated identity - Azure AD B2C

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Recently, we started receiving the error :  Issuer should match tenants domainName for non federated identity when attempting to create a B2C user via a .net core app hosted in azure.  No changes have been made to the configuration or code.   The same setup and code is working in a different app pointing to a different B2C instance.  The only differences are the specifics for tenantId, applicationId, etc.


 I've compared the working instance with the non-working instance, and cannot find any configuration differences between the ADB2C instances, Azure App Services, security or configuration items, other than the aforementioned items specific to each instance.


Has anyone encountered this error? 





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I wasn't able to figure out exactly why this was happening, but I did find a resolution and thought I'd update this, just in case someone else ever runs into this.


For whatever reason, deleting the Azure App Service and recreating it resolved the issue.  I used the exact same configuration as before and redeployed the exact same code.  I'm no longer receiving the error.