Question re Azure WAF

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We have the Azure WAF set up and are experiencing some issues with our SQL Developer connection dropping about every 3 minutes.   This in turn is potentially causing a few of our more intensive reports that use SQL to fail.


We use Azure VM for our Oracle and Application Servers and these sit behind the Web Application Firewall.


Our ERP provider has requested that we try disabling the WAF temporarily, then trying running a couple of our intensive reports and queries to see whether this is a factor.


Within Azure > Application Firewall I can see the "Firewall Status" switch which is currently set to Enabled.  My questions are as follows:


1.   is it purely as simple as changing this switch from enabled.

2.  what would happen to existing connections to our ERP software


Thanking you in advance.

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Hi Since you are using Azure VM you can leverage Service Map to be able to correctly see dependencies and troubleshoot by unit . Or use Azure Application Insights to have not only dependencies but also response times and more .
Disabling The Web Application Firewall will do nothing .
It will just stop protecting your workloads from vulnerabilities and attacks
Instead of that i would suggest run it in detection mode so you can see what's happen even if you are not blocking the traffic .