Put your databases on autopilot with a lift and shift to Azure SQL Database

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The sheer volume of data generated today and the number of apps and databases across enterprises is staggering. To stay competitive and get ahead in today’s marketplace, IT organizations are always looking at ways to optimize how they maintain and use the data that drives their operations. Faced with constant demands for more scale and reliability amid the ongoing threat of cybersecurity attacks, IT organizations can quickly stretch their staffing and infrastructure to the breaking point. In addition to these operational issues, businesses need to look at how to best harness their data to build better apps and fuel future growth. Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to automate basic database administration tasks, from daily management to performance optimization with best in class AI-driven intelligent PaaS capabilities. Azure SQL Database is the perfect choice to deliver the right mix of operational efficiencies, optimized for performance and cost, enabling you to focus on business enablement to accelerate growth and innovation.


Azure SQL Database helps IT organizations accelerate efficiencies and drive greater innovation. With built-in intelligence based on advanced machine learning technology, it is a fully-managed relational cloud database service that’s designed for SQL Server databases, built to maximize application performance and minimize the costs of running a large data estate. The latest world-class SQL Server features are available to your applications, like in-memory technologies that provide up to 30x improved throughput and latency and 100x perf improvement on your queries over legacy SQL Server editions. As a fully-managed PaaS service, SQL Database assumes much of the daily administration and maintenance of your databases, including the ability to scale up resources with near-zero downtime. This extends to ensuring business continuity with features like point-in-time restore and active geo-replication that help you minimize data loss with an RPO of less than 5 seconds. And, it’s supported by a financially-backed 99.99% SLA commitment. The benefits of a fully-managed SQL Database led IDC to estimate up to a 406% ROI over on-premises and hosted alternatives, making it an economical choice for your data. 




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