Printing to AAD Devices from onsite server

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Hi all, would love some help with this scenario. 


With many printers connected to a onsite windows print server and these printers are currently assigned locally within GPO. 

We also have devices on our AAD that need access to printers that are locally connected to the print server at each site. Currently we manually add credentials for the server in windows credentials manager with domain\user and install the printer on the device. 


Would there be a way to connect this to AAD and have certain users get X printer automatically without the use of an MDM? 

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If the devices are not connected to the domain to get GPO or not connected to an MDM, then you will need to run some commands locally on the device.


I have used a PowerShell script to perform this install before, but it was via Intune.


The other option you have is to switch to a cloud-based print service. The user would then connect to the cloud-based service which would relay the print job back on-premise. Check out this blog.


Hope this helps.