Orphaned Azure Portal, Help!

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So I'm in a pickle. Looking for advice on who to contact. 


We previously had an Azure account for a domain set-up and working perfectly.
The domain is maintained by GoDaddy and Office 365 was originally purchased there.
We also had some Azure App Services set-up using the e-mail accounts on that GoDaddy Domain.
We had to cancel the Office 365 subscriptions today through GoDaddy, because Power BI Pro
is not supported by GoDaddy as an ad-hoc subscription and you cannot add licenses through the Office 365 Admin portal.
If this sounds like I'm on the wrong forum, just wait.

We re-purchased Office 365 direct through Microsoft and set the GO Daddy domain DNS records to
the new e-mail and setup our same e-mail addresses again. I expected the Azure Portal services to remain unchanged,
so logging in normally to the portal using the new (but actually same e-mail address) would be ok?
It doesn't appear to be ok.... All existing services or Azure Portal do not appear during logon,
but I know they are still running because I can hit them over the browser. 
We now have an orphan Azure Portal. We can no longer see our services that were previously set-up.  
But those old services and subscriptions are still running, as evidenced by the URL still working, 
so where are they and where can we manage them?

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@datajb Just to validate, you can't see anything through the Global Subscription Filter? (see attached)


It sounds like you have ended up with two directories for some reason. Do you see anything if you login to here: rather than directly to the portal?


If nothing shows up here, then I think you are best logging a ticket with support to look into it further.

@MrCoups Thanks for you reply, I don't see anything to switch to in AAD, subscriptions, or Directory and Subscriptions


all it says is : "

The portal will show data only for these selected subscriptions on portal launch.
Azure subscription 1 - Don't see a subscription? Switch to another directory."
If I go to AAD and switch tenant, it only show the current tenant for the domain.
Ticket is probably the way to go, thanks. 


This exact same situation I'm facing right now. Have you solved it? I opened a ticket, but since I don't have my subscription anymore I'm on the "free tier" and expect a crappy response and service from them.

I think godaddy is not a really good option for Office 365 solutions, they usually mess up everything and take Microsoft down with them.