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Hi All,


I've been messing around with the new AI software provided by Azure and have had a few ideas id like to discuss with someone who is working or has any knowledge of OpenAI.


I would appreciate any help in pointing me in the right direction to escalate my Idea.



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Azure AI is a robust framework for developing comprehensive solutions for data and artificial intelligence. Azure AI enables us to connect devices, analyse data and automate processes with secure, scalable and open edge-to-cloud solutions. Incase the Azure AI framework capabilities are not adequate there are OpenAI (ChatGPT ) capabilities that can be leveraged for application on azure. OpenAI (ChatGPT ) are still working on various aspects that be published and eventually leveraged in your applications and hence all the OpenAI/ChatGPT services may not be available initially. But exciting times ahead considering the different scenarios / use cases that OpenAI/ChatGPT can tackle / deploy... Pl check out MS @
We've published several new Azure OpenAI resources that may helpful to you, including two new videos - a business briefing and technical introduction. You can find them here:
Azure AI stands as a robust framework empowering the creation of comprehensive solutions in data and artificial intelligence realms. Its capabilities span from device connectivity to data analysis and process automation, all within a secure, scalable, and open edge-to-cloud environment. In scenarios where Azure AI's capabilities may fall short, OpenAI (ChatGPT) emerges as a complementary solution, offering a suite of evolving capabilities ready for integration into Azure applications. While not all of OpenAI's services may be immediately available, ongoing developments promise a future rich with possibilities for addressing various scenarios and use cases.



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