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Hi All,

I just received my hardware tokens to set up for a few users in our organization that do not have access to company mobile devices. I have uploaded the .csv files with the required information in our Azure portal and it successfully uploaded. I am not able to activate the token, it keeps failing but I’m not sure why and I don’t really get a reason.

Is there a clearer way to set this up or do I need to enable something before I set this up. I would like this set up before the end of the week, any help is appreciated.

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Hi@Eddie Sardinha 


The file format for (CSV) you upload must include the UPN, serial number, secret key, time interval, manufacturer, and model as the example below shows.


upn,serial number,secret key,time interval,manufacturer,model


As you mentioned, after a successful upload of the .csv file you could not see any failure?

azuread-mfa-token-05 (1).png

Then you just need to activate the hardware token by clicking Activate

azure 2.png

You will be prompted for a verification code that you get from the hardware token

azure 3.png

After activation your tokens you can see the activation status in the portal

azure 4.png

Have you tried above steps?

What make is your token?

Any error message on the portal?


Thank you 





Same problem here, 

The format i use looks right, and file uploads without error. But when i check the status, it failed!

Only message i receive: ''Something went wrong, try again later''. 


Failure OATH.png

There are several possible causes, but the most important thing to have correct is the contents of the CSV file that you uploaded. Some time ago I noticed the official Microsoft guide's example included seed data that was hex encoded (for microsoft the data should only be base32 enocded) on one page the example was partially corrected, but I see elsewhere they have an example that is still hex encoded. I would first check that your seed data is Base32 encoded, and that you have a time window that matches the tokens you are uploading (either 30 or 60 seconds).

If you used a programmable token (such as the safeid diamond token), then you may will have selected the time window time yourself when burning the token (so again ensure the time window and seed data match).

I also strongly suggest using a text editor when editing the seed file, and do not use a spreadsheet (as this can corrupt some numeric data in the file).