Need to escalate a support ticket

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I have a support ticket for my azure subscription that needs escalation.  It has been going on for a month.  The only responses I am getting from the outsourced support is "our backend team is working on it" or "we are waiting to hear from our backend team."  I have demanded escalation multiple times but still only get responses like those I just mentioned.  Is there anyone that can help?

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@Eric Dufur I have been a Microsoft user for several years, and even own a company that develops innovative Microsoft-based products. Recently, I created a new Azure account to host our latest product website, and were staging the website ready to go live in a couple months. Suddenly they cancelled the account for "suspicious activity", and despite several requests, they say they have to "unfortunately stand by their decision". We will be taking our business elsewhere now to another hosting provider, and if Microsoft keeps up this terrible style of customer service, they're going drive away more and more potential customers.