Multiple subscription with multiple billing account

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Currently, my company has an azure subscription through CSP and want to add 1 more azure subscription directly via azure website (pay as you go). Is that possible to have multiple subscription with multiple billing account.

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Yes, you can use it. When you add a new subscription please use the same The mail ID.

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@Masha_Masha, it's not rare when you need to manage multiple subscriptions with one account. I'm doing it myself managing CSP offerings too. Basically, you create a billing profile for the subscription and pay for it separately (if that's the goal). More information on how it works here. All this can be managed in Azure Portal (Cost Management and Billing). 

If you create a PAYG subscription, this is all you'll be seeing in the portal as CPS type of subscriptions are managed in the Partner Center and billed through the cloud service providers you purchase it from. So, the costs can't be aggregated.

Let me know if you have further questions.