Monitor network connectivity to applications with NPM’s Service Endpoint Monitor - public preview

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As more and more enterprises are hosting their applications in cloud and are relying more on SaaS and PaaS applications to provide services, they are increasingly becoming dependent on multiple external applications and the networks in between. The traditional network monitoring tools work in silos and do not provide end-to-end visibility. Therefore, if an application is found to be running slow, it becomes difficult to identify whether the problem is because of your network, the service provider or the application. Network Performance Monitor (NPM) introduces Service Endpoint Monitor that integrates the monitoring and visualization of the performance of your internally hosted & cloud applications with the end-to-end network performance.


You can create HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and ICMP based tests from key points in your network to your applications, allowing you to quickly identify whether the problem is due to the network or the application. With the network topology map, you can locate the links and interfaces experiencing high loss and latencies, helping you identify external & internal troublesome network segments.




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