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We are in the process of migrating our windows devices and users to Azure AD. 

The historic process to map user and departmental drives has been with a batch file using net-use commands. 

The organization has never used Group Policy to do this. (Not sure why)

The desire is to migrate all user shares to onedrive and departmental to teams once we have all devices and suers in Azure. 

In the meantime we need to map drive. Users and devices in Azure can still map to local shares via the batch file, but I want to eliminate this and automate it.

I cannot find instructions how to accomplish this task. 

I have tried creating this mapping by importing the ADMX file, but since we don't map drives with GP I dont believe this will work, and it is not working.

I have also tried creating Powershell script and applying it to our test group. It says it is successful in the Azure portal, but the drive is not mapped on the user computer.

I know how to do this in Group Policy and using security groups, but I am new to Azure endpoint manager and I do not know how to accomplish this task. 


How can I use Configuration profile to map a local share drive? 



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@mweber48 you can achieve that using a custon configuration profile in intune. refer to the below link that shows you step by step 


How To Map a Shared Drive Using Microsoft Endpoint Manager Instead of GPOs – EMS Route – Shehan Pere...


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Thank you for your response. I have followed these instructions and it is not working.

I noticed that on line 18 of the ADMX file download it is pointing to key="Software\Policies\\NetworkDriveMapping"

Since we are not using Weatherlights am I aware of what it is, this needs edited, but the instructions just say to paste it as is.



Since we are not using Weatherlights, nor am I aware of what it is, this needs edited, but the instructions say to paste it as is, or are at least unclear about that.

your applying the configuration profile on your devices or users , it showing an error ?
I am applying both the ADMX and the Drive mapping profiles to the device configuration profile and assigned to a group. The ADMX profile says it has succeeded, but the drive mapping profile is in error, but no information on that error.
Follow the below link and i think it will work for you
I have followed all of these steps and I am receiving these error codes on the devices when the drive mapping profile applies.



thats means that the OMA-URI is not correct in the configuration profile
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Please try applying it using powershell script from intune

BiteSize: Map a drive using PowerShell with Intune - YouTube