Manually sort "Assigned to Me" view in Work items

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As Features, User Stories, and Tasks are assigned to me I use the "Assigned to me" view within the Work items pane to see all items I have ownership of. The issue is that I am limited to sorting by data columns listed on those items. This makes it difficult to get my top priority at the top of the view and causes me to re-read cards that are lower priority because I don't have a way to sort them for my personal needs. 


I would like the ability to drag and drop my items based on my personal priority and not that ranking information saved on the card.

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Hello, @holmes04 what kind of "view" are you using? Boards, Backlog, Sprints or Queries? When using Backlogs or Boards, ADO keeps the priority listing when showing the work items:





The query "assigned to me" does not keep priority ordering by default. I would go for the backlog/boards option, you can easily drag and drop to different sprints or change the priority order. 




@Unaihuete the issue with that is that it moves the priority of that feature for the whole company, not just me. There are times when a low priority project for the company might be a high priority project for me. 

The issue might be that I am assigned items at all 3 levels (features, user stories, and tasks). Within our company features are actively prioritized by our scrum master, but User Stories and tasks can be freely prioritized by the assigned individuals.

I am really looking for a way to see all 3 levels and prioritize them as needed with respect to eachother, but not impacting the corporate ranking. 


I am sorry, but do not think the product is designed for individual/person-based planning, tools are given for team/project planning (which normally is aligned with individual) :( Scrum masters normally prioritize features, decompose them into user stories with the help of engineering teams, and define priority/effort for user stories too, so that they can be distributed in Sprint (based on priority/effort). All the default views on ADO are based on team planning/prioritizing (backlog/boards/sprints). The only option to nicely see them all based on feature priority (company):


The other option is using Power Automate (office 365) or Logic Apps (azure) to automate the "copy" of those items and status to your own Azure DevOps Project. Honestly, I would never do it, it is over-engineering.