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Hi all,


This might be a random request but bare with me! We are trying to adopt the Azure Stack and specifically DevOps.  In preparation of this we are trialling a way of working with our legacy 3rd party products before we move to our own coding practices.


As such we have 3 3rd party products, for ease lets call them notepad, paint and word and the idea is that the development team "combine" these all into their product called FRED.  FRED has not code its just a placeholder for these 3 tools. and to make the development team responsible for them.  So if


Word is version 97
Paint is version 24

Notepad is version 11


together they would make FRED version 1.


Now I want to realise some value from FRED as Word 2003 is available. so I do my testing and get ready to deploy etc (hopefully using features/stories/tasks in azure board).  This update would make FRED version 2 (with the following components - Word 2003/Paint24/Notepad11).


Its probably not the correct way to use this and Im sure people will question why.  But has anyone used boards in this way? i.e. to manage 3rd parties with no code elements?





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