Introducing Backup Pre-Checks for Backup of Azure VMs

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Azure Backup's cloud-first approach Aof backing up critical enterprise data in Azure. Enterprise production environments in Azure are becoming increasingly dynamic and are characterized by frequent VM configuration changes (such as network or platform related updates) that can adversely impact backup. Today, we are taking a step to enable customers to monitor the impact of configuration changes and take steps to ensure the continuity of successful backup operations. We are excited to announce the preview of Backup Pre-Checks for Azure Virtual Machines.


Backup Pre-Checks, as the name suggests, check your VMs’ configuration for issues that can adversely affect backups, aggregate this information so you can view it directly from the Recovery Services Vault dashboard and provide recommendations for corrective measures to ensure successful file-consistent or application-consistent backups, wherever applicable. All this without any infrastructure and at no additional cost.



Read more on the Azure blog.

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