Identify Windows 7 machines in Azure or Intune

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Hi, all. 


We are enrolling all our devices in Intune. We have some Windows 7 laptops in our environment, some of which are registered in Azure. Is there an attribute we can filter on or run a PowerShell report on to identify a machine running Windows 7?



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You can choose "Download Devices" to get all of them in a .csv file and sort on operatingSystemVersion. (Windows 7 is NT 6.1)

Or you can connect to AzureAD (Connect-AzureAD) and use this Powershell command to filter all OS versions containing 'NT' (Not sure if that works, don't have any Windows 7 machines in our Azure AD :) If it doesn't work, remove " Where-Object DeviceOSVersion -match 'NT' " to see all machines and verify what the correct syntax should be for the -match 'xx' )

Get-AzureADDevice | Where-Object DeviceOSType -eq 'Windows' | Where-Object DeviceOSVersion -match 'NT' | Select-Object DisplayName, DeviceOSType,DeviceOSVersion