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I'm trying to write a Hyperlink Query that will be embedded in an email that is sent to my development team.  The Query simply pulls all the tickets assigned to each developer in the current sprint (Iteration) and the next sprint (@currentIteration + 1).


If I attempt to query on current or past iterations, I have no problem at all to pass this through a hyperlink:

[System.IterationPath] = @currentIteration('[PDSDevCodeBase]\PDSDevCodeBase Team <id:194...8a>')


[System.IterationPath] = @currentIteration('[PDSDevCodeBase]\PDSDevCodeBase Team <id:194...8a>')-1


However, the moment I change the minus 1 to a plus 1 in the hyperlink to get the future iteration, Azure returns "No results match the query" even though it should have tickets. What is odd is if I type in the exact +1 section in the Query Editor field, the query works like a charm and pulls back the correct information.  However, if I pass it in as a hyperlink, it always fails.  


Thank you in advance for any thoughts on this...



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I was able to find my own error. I wasn't encoding the query string that was going into the hyperlink. I was able to find some good instructions on using encodeUriComponent and that resolved the issue...