How to test Azure Proxy configuration using Postman (or other)


Hello all,


Reaching out to you as I need support for testing of an Azure App Proxy using postman (or other) before launching any development activities.



  • An address validation services is available on-premise at customer.
  • This service must be called on form level within D365 Sales, to get the proper address validation based on the user entry (similar to google or bing search proposal based on what you enter).


Planned solution:

  • Configure the Azure App Proxy to expose their on-premise services and being able to reach it from D365 Sales. => Done from their side.



  • Not able to test the configuration properly in postman to make sure we are able to reach to the service without any additional SSO connection requests to the end user.




Thank you in advance for your support!


kind regards, Thibaut

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