How to make child-card Discussion notes rollup to parent card?

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The way we use ADO is like this:



User Story -> Task 1
           -> Task 2
           -> Task 3



Both User Story cards and Task cards contain Discussion fields, and we have hit a quandary as to "which cards' discussion fields should we use to enter ongoing notes and discussions"? The Parent (user story)? Or the child (task)? It makes more sense for devs to enter discussion notes in the tasks, but our Support people and managers like to just look at the parent User Story card where they hope to see all discussion notes.


For now I am double-entering discussion notes in both tasks and their parent user story cards, which is not only an inefficient pain, but also violates DRY.


Then it occurred to me that the ideal solution would be for user story cards to be able to display (within the Discussion section) all discussion notes from all child cards. So if I enter a note in a Task (child) card and save it, automatically it will appear as a discussion note within its parent user story card. Ideally I could still enter user-story-specific discussion notes on occasion, but all child cards' notes would be automatically pulled in and displayed (maybe readonly? editable only in the child?) in the parent card, in all cases.


1- Is there an easy way to make this happen?

2- If the answer to #1 above is no, then is there a difficult way to make it happen? Maybe via customizations? What would be the best way to achieve my desired result?

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