How to get all the properties of Azure AD account with PowerShell?


I was looking for ways to get ALL the properties of Azure AD account with PowerShell. Turns out 

Get-AzADUser (Az module) and Get-AzureADUser (AzureAD module, obsolete?) returns different results. For example the output from Get-AzADUser do not contain AssignedLicenses, AssignedPlans properties and etc. 
So the question is is there a way that I can get ALL the properties of a user account? 
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try this

Get-MsolUser –UserPrincipalName email address removed for privacy reasons | FL

@eliekarkafy  Thanks. The Get-MsolUser is another module now. How many modules are there to work with Azure AD? :unamused:


And another interesting thing is Get-MsolUser returns "isBlackBerryUser" which is whether or not the user has a BlackBerry device. Why?


Now real question is, what data each user account has and is there a way to get ALL that data? I mean all the data that a user account has.


the MS online module allows to connect to Azure AD as well.

if the user is using his account on his mobile device , it will shows you that this device associated with this user

use the Get-MsolUser with the FL to list all the data associated with this user

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