How to get access azure subscriptions when I am a global Admin

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I am already a Global Administrator, however have a limited access to resources and subcriptions with in the Portal. I would like to have the access to access resources across all the subscriptions 

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@Rakeshmbr by default you will never get access on the subscriptions you have to request the owner of the subscription to provide the access . How ever if you are a global admin you can elevate your access 

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal or the Azure Active Directory admin center as a Global Administrator.

    If you are using Azure AD Privileged Identity Management, activate your Global Administrator role assignment.

  2. Open Azure Active Directory.

  3. Under Manage, select Properties.

  4. Under Access management for Azure resources, set the toggle to Yes.

ref the below URL 

Elevate access to manage all Azure subscriptions and management groups | Microsoft Learn