How to connect Tableau to Azure DevOps test result tables?

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Hi All,


I need to connect to test results (datababase/tables) Azure DevOps 2022, I found this:<account>/<Project>/_odata/v2.0/


But I can connect only to project tables, not the ones having the result of test cases executed.


Also I found that maybe CDATA drivers can help but spending money is not an option.


Do you know if there is a way to connect to test tables? maybe to connect to tfs_warehouse database or any other database?


I can see only theses tables:

  • Areas
  • BoardLocations
  • Dates
  • Iterations
  • Processes
  • Projects
  • Tags
  • Teams
  • Users
  • WorkItemBoardSnapshot
  • WorkItemLinks
  • WorkItemTevisions
  • WorkItems
  • WorkItemSnapshot
  • WorkItemTypeFields


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