How can I update, or delete an existing Application's JSON / .sol files in ABW?

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As we develop our App, we want to deploy to ABW as we complete each contract or workflow for testing.


Is it possible to somehow delete the existing app and replace it with a newer JSON and .sol / .zip files (while in Dev, the data in the ledger or SQL isn't important)?


The only workaround at the moment is to rename the app <APPNAME>v1 / v2 etc each time, which is tedious and prone to configuration errors.




What we've tried:


If we use the `Add Application` feature to upload a newer version, although ABW accepts the new files, it is clear that the old app is still running.


The REST API has a Delete Application endpoint, but currently this isn't functional.


(The SQL `application` table also has an Enabled flag, which doesn't seem to hide the App in the UI yet, if it is toggled false)

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We are working on a disable/enable feature for apps, which will hopefully be part of the next release. As for versioning of apps, that is something we are currently designing and looking into. 

Thanks Zeyad. In the interim is there perhaps a workaround, even if it means deleting data in SQL or deleting code blobs from storage?

There is no great workaround. You can hijack the API call to the page to add a filter for only showing enabled apps. You can modify the database, but that approach is tricky. 

Thanks Zeyad - it looks like the versioning functionality in ABW 1.6 directly addresses the original problem, i.e. the "tuple" of Application Name + Version Number.

We've made some improvements to Workbench based on customer feedback. Let us know what you think of the new design.