Hosting SSRS on Azure VM

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I am upgrading ASP.NET 4.7 based Web Forms applications to PaaS option. These applications are having SSRS Reports.


For quick upgrade, we have planned to host SSRS on Azure VM so that we can have the Reporting part working as-is with minimal disruption. Only SSRS will be on Azure VM whereas we will be having Azure SQL as application database.


I am looking for step-by-step guide to procure Azure VM with SSRS hosted on it.


Please advise if any references are available.




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@nipanesanjay there are a few caveats with accessing SSRS URL hosted within Azure VM. Please follow this instruction to configure your VM before the SSRS installation. There are images available for SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server 2019, and the fastest approach (IMO) is to get one of those images (SQL 2019 Developer), deploy a VM, finish the VM configuration after the image deployment (according to the instruction provided above), and install additional features for the SQL Server you're interested in (i.e., SSRS).

Thanks for quick feedback.
I will go through the reference link you have provided.

I want to install SSRS only on the Azure VM since it will be connecting to Azure SQL Database.
Sounds good. Please let me know how it goes. DM me if necessary, I'd be happy to help :)

Hi @Command0r 


I want to host only SSRS, so then first I need to procure a VM empty one and then have to install SSRS. Is tjhat understanding correct.

Hi @nipanesanjay were you able to do this?