Has anyone implemented the DORA metrics on top of Azure Devops Services?

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We use Azure DevOps Server 2020 on-prem. Specifically, Azure Git Repos and Azure Pipelines.

Now we would like to collect the DORA metrics, but first would like to check if anyone using Azure DevOps has done it already.

Maybe there is an extension that helps implement it. Maybe 3rd party integration. In general, sharing your experience with DORA metrics and Azure DevOps may be very valuable.

Thank you.

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@markkharitonov Full disclosure, I work for a company that has been providing DORA metrics for Azure DevOps. You will not only get the 4 key metrics but also insights into where the bottlenecks are.You can sign up for a free trial at www.propelo.ai

Megha Tamvada 

Hey @markkharitonov. Hope you are well. Did you manage to set up and implement the DORA metrics on Azure DevOps? I am working on something similar and would like to get some insights on what others have done. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

@Jashman We did not actually implement the DORA metrics. Instead we created a build that examines all the release deployments and builds that have happened since the last scan using the REST API and then sends the information to a dedicated AppInsights bucket.

We do some kind of data massaging to better suite our needs. Once the data is in AppInsights we have some dashboards on top of it.

The build is scheduled to run every 4 hours.

So that was our in-house solution.

@MeghaSTamvada  We re running complex and big CI/CD infrastructure on-prem by using AzureDevOps . Is you mentioned service "propelo" capable to collect Dora metrics ? Can in be installed and used on our infrastructure  instead of cloud ?

Hello Mark,
I am looking to do the same in Azure DevOps projects and am curious as to what script you used to hit the API and pull back the info you needed. I would like to insert your pull after a deployment to each environment in a release pipeline. So my pull would be more often than yours. Any help, would be greatly appreciated. Thx!
Hi, you can use Oobeya.io to measure and track Azure DevOps DORA Metrics. It integrates with Azure DevOps Repos, Pipelines, Releases, and Boards. You can use Oobeya both self-hosted or in Cloud.

See the how-to docs: How To Calculate DORA Metrics for Azure DevOps - https://docs.oobeya.io/deployment-analytics/how-to-calculate-dora-metrics-for-azure-devops

@emredr is getting the dora metrics on oobeya.io free? I'd like to know if I can use it without needing to pay