export data from devops

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I would like to exprort some data from Azure devops. More specifcially from below data. Is it possible to extract data say as csv or by PowerBi or into Excel? I also saw some posts with some SQL like queries from devops but where do i get this option? Thank you.




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Hi, thanks but that;s not part of a query , it's a test case and the results of the runs. Do you think it will be possible to do the same output via a query? plus can i scheduloe it? Thank you.

So i have something like this  but the main item thatr's is missing is the "Outcome" Passed or Failed. So it seems that i am not using the right query type  or just can't get the test result runs outputs from a "Query" window . Any ideas? Maybe someone knows what fields to select exactly in a query? Thank you.