Does ABW support returning values through function calls?

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For example, instead of storing variables as properties, I'd like to use mappings and return values based on function parameters. Storing the return value to a property would work but not ideal. Does the API currently allow this functionality? I'm finding it hard to support tokenization scenarios.. and a contract per asset, as it currently stands, is bloaty to the network.

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Great feedback. The ability to use richer data types is in the backlog and something we are looking into. The ability to support returns from functions is another item in our backlog. Which of these two are higher priority for you?


I encourage you to make feature requests here:

Supporting return functions would be a great next step to supporting standard tokenization (and other scenarios I'm sure), especially of the non-fungible type for which I'm trying to implement.. er, ERC721. Which right now goes against the state workflow that ABW was built on. Either way, keep up the great work guys! I've been enjoying the platform.

I ran into the same issue. The feature request is here if you haven't found it already