Disabling repositories in DevOps

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As we're moving from an on-premise setup of Azure DevOps over to the cloud service, we successfully migrated our existing repos over to our cloud instance. Now I'd like to "lock" or "disable" the old repositories in the on-prem instance. 


In the cloud instance, I can see, under "Project Settings-Repositories" the "Disable repository" toggle. However I cannot see the same on our on-premise instance. Over there all I see in the "Project Settings-Repository" management page are the following options:

  • Forks (on-off)
  • Commit mention linking (on-off)
  • Commit mention work item resolution (on-off)
  • Work item transition preferences (on-off)

That's it. No  "Disable Repository (on-off)" option.


How do I effectively ensure those old repos on-prem are totally locked?


Thanks in advance for any suggestion/answer.




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The way I have done this in the past is to rename the repo to NameOfRepo-ARCHIVED and then in the security controls, add a user and give them all allow access so they will have full rights and then change every group setting DENY. This will ensure that no one can do anything there except the one user you add and give full rights to.

Then go into the Options for the repo and turn off Forks.

I agree, there should be a better way, but I haven't found one.

You can lock the branches, but that doesn't restrict someone from creating a new branch or forking it.